Poor Man’s CMS 2.4RC1 released

In this release the backend has changed dramatically. The data store has changed from a database to plain xml files. This is increasing the speed enormously.

The ftp password is now stored encrypted in the backup file. That’s why you have to set your password again. You will get a corresponding hint. It is essential to make a clean installation, the data directory must be removed!!!

I don’t have the time to concentrate on testing on different platforms. That’s the reason why I’ll deploy only release candidates from now on.
If you find bugs don’t hesitate to file a ticket here or leave a comment in the forum.

The changes in detail:


  • the location settings and composition of the HeapSizeDialog is wrong

features and improvements:

  • ftp-password is encrypted in the backup and data xml
  • feature #44 big refactoring: use XML file per site instead of database, more use of spring pattern
  • integrated jii


  • updated commons-net to 2.2
  • updated velocity to 1.7
  • updated spring to 3.0.5
  • updated swt to 3.7 and dependent libs

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