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How to update Lollipop (Android 5.0) on a rooted nexus device

On a rooted nexus device with Lollipop (Android 5.0) the common OTA-updates fails. The reason is: there are some additional security checks while the OTA-update, which fails on rooted devices.

But if you know how to handle the adb-tools, it’s easy to make a manually update. Just download the matching  factory image for your android device and extract the following files: boot.img, recovery.img and system.img.

adb reboot bootloader
fastboot flash system system.img
fastboot flash boot boot.img
fastboot flash recovery recovery.img
fastboot format cache
fastboot reboot

That’s it! All your private files won’t be deleted.

I’ve tested it with my nexus 10 and I couldn’t guarantee that this is true for other devices.


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C5Connector.Java Version 0.7

Version 0.7 of the C5Connector.Java has been released.

It’s the Java backend for the filemanager of corefive.

It’s a  feature and clean-up release:

  • internal: global refactoring, refactored the upload code
  • issue #25: Implementation of the mode ‘preview’
  • issue #26: introduce a property to hold the max. preview dimension
  • issue #28: introduce a remover for EXIF data
  • issue #29: extend the shared-config with option#theme

For more details refer the changelog please.


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Poor Man’s CMS 2.4RC1 released

In this release the backend has changed dramatically. The data store has changed from a database to plain xml files. This is increasing the speed enormously.

The ftp password is now stored encrypted in the backup file. That’s why you have to set your password again. You will get a corresponding hint. It is essential to make a clean installation, the data directory must be removed!!!

I don’t have the time to concentrate on testing on different platforms. That’s the reason why I’ll deploy only release candidates from now on.
If you find bugs don’t hesitate to file a ticket here or leave a comment in the forum.

The changes in detail:


  • the location settings and composition of the HeapSizeDialog is wrong

features and improvements:

  • ftp-password is encrypted in the backup and data xml
  • feature #44 big refactoring: use XML file per site instead of database, more use of spring pattern
  • integrated jii


  • updated commons-net to 2.2
  • updated velocity to 1.7
  • updated spring to 3.0.5
  • updated swt to 3.7 and dependent libs

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How to uninstall xulrunner on OS X?

A view week ago, I had a nasty problem. I updated my xulrunner installation to 7.0. A software project based on xulrunner wouldn’t run with this version. Ok, back to the old one. But how? The installer of the new hasn’t any uninstall option and the installer of the old one was canceling, because a newer version exists.

Googleing around I’ve found a few hints but none of them works correctly or wasn’t the half line.

To delete the whole xulrunner manually you have to delete the following items:

  • Directory: /Library/Frameworks/XUL.framework/
  • File: /private/var/db/receipts/ (seems relevant to 10.6.7)
  • File: /private/var/db/receipts/org.mozilla.xulrunner.plist (seems relevant to 10.6.7)
  • File: /Library/Receipts/xulrunner-*.mac.pkg


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Poor Man’s CMS 2.3 released

Version 2.3 of my open source project is released. Poormans is a minimal CMS which generates the html locally and uploaded it to the webspace as needed.

This version solved mainly the following issues:

  1. There weren’t some ugly bugs with building pathes for resource files. These bugs mainly have an effect on windows systems!
  2. The code base has updated to java 6.
  3. A feature, which is long overdue: The webspace will cleaned up. Obsolete files will be deleted now.

Changes in detail:


  • bug #28: export: some resource files weren’t copy to the export folder
  • bug #32: pages with editable text containing links or images couldn’t be rendere
  • bug #33: after renaming an url of a site, internal links are broken
  • bug #34: problems with blanks in paths (thanks philde42 for reporting)
  • some ant tasks (for dev) didn’t work as expected (thanks to philde42)

features and improvements:

  • feature #2: clean up webspace


  • source code has updated to java 6
  • deleted obsolete icu4j lib
  • update commons-lang to 2.5
  • update jetty to 6.1.25
  • updated swt to 3.6.1

context objects:

  • $utils.reverseSet has renamed to $utils.reverseCollection

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