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… me: I’m a java developer and I like it. I work for a top-level-domain-provider. Beyond that I’ve got the following open source projects:
DDAuto: A simple REST-service for dynamic DNS.
JII – Java Image Info: A clean interface to a collection of Java libraries and source code that reads basic properties of images.

By the way: I’m not a native speaker. If you find some misspellings or other errors, feel free to send me a note.

… my dev-blog: The reason why I start my own blog is an egoistic one: In the daily horror of a developer there are so many problems to solve, solutions to find and useful code snippets to create. That’s why I need a ‘container’ to throw those things in. Otherwise they will be lost! The same is true for links.

All code examples on this blog are licensed under LGPL or later.

Don’t hesitate to comment on my articles and source codes!

By the way: I’m German and not a native speaker. Therefore, if you find misspellings or grammar problems feel free to send me a note.


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