Poor Man’s CMS 2.2.1 released

Version 2.2.1 of my open source project is released. It is a minimal CMS which generates the html locally and uploaded it to the webspace as needed.

The main idea is that there is a professional (=admin) who realizes the needs of a common user (=editor) with poormans. That’s why we have 2 kinds of users:

  • The admin: He analyzes the needs of the person who wants to have a website (editor). Afterwards he has to build the necessary skeleton with poormans, – the basic structure and the look of the website, how to build menus and galleries et cetera.
  • The editor: He gets a peace of software (poormans), which is adapted to his special needs. The functionality is very basic and easy to learn. The editor just has to produce content with respect of the structures established by the admin. This is mandatory because it has direct consequences of building menus etc.

With this version the data directory is separated from the application directory. This is dedicated  to all linux users of poormans 😉 !

Have a look at the project website or the documentation wiki.

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